our 1st collection for boys and girls : monochrome parang

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this is our first collection,
we make the material by ourselves,
we apply the batik
technique in jerseys ,
and we combine current trends in our collections,
therefore, you will not find any clothes like we made in other places

so our collections are very special
just for you, a special person


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Lomba Perancang Aksesori Femina 2010

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i'm so00 happy!
because my shoes was the Top 5 of Lomba Perancang Aksesori Femina :D
setelah sebelumnya ikut presentasi penjurian semifinalis, 10 besar,
dari situ dipilih 5 dari masing-masing kategori untuk final
dan bakal dipamerin di Jakarta Fashion Week 2010! yeay!
wish me luck for the final yaa!
and VOTE me pleasseee

caranya :

kirim SMS ke 08111001555 (tarif biasa)

format : VOTELPANama#Kota#Tahun Lahir#Jenis Kelamin (L/P)#Email#Nomor Finalis

contoh : VOTE LPA KARINA #Jakarta#1985#P#karina@yahoo.com#9

waktu voting : 11 Oktober - 12 November, pukul 12.00

thank youu sooo mucch!!